Expectations – What does it mean to be a coach and how does it work?

  • Sundays in the Fall: Come a little early to coordinate with co-coaches from your teams or other teams, set up, review lesson plans, welcome families, ask questions of the coordinator, etc..
  • Time Commitment: A coaches training session on 09/05/2018 in the evening, and coaches clearances every 5 years as well as 11 Sundays in the Fall. Hopefully you will also want to come to any coaches appreciation dinner or fun informal not league sponsored but friendly pick up game.
  • Communicate: You will be given a welcome and end of the year email that we will ask you to personalize and then email out to your team. There may be other emails where things need to be communicated too. We use our website, Constant Contact, and our registration program for communication. Hopefully, in the near future you will be able to download an app for communication as well.
  • Soccer skills: you only need a willingness to learn, we look for great parents not great soccer stars.
  • Clean up: You may be asked to help others move the goals and nets as well as clean up soccer supplies that are used during the practice or game.

Many families say that coaching their child was a very memorable experience and they look back on that time as a very special connection and opportunity.

Please don’t ever hesitate to ask any questions!