Due to the intensity of the game, we take pride in the safety and caring of your children. With that in mind, we have implemented a dress code for the safety of all players.

1. Soccer socks that come up to the knees that are made to have shin guards underneath.

2. Shin guards are required for all players and must be worn underneath the soccer socks. This is to keep the shin guards in their proper position. Shin guards come in different sizes so please have your child fitted so that they are both comfortable to wear and offer the proper protection.

3. Rubber cleats are recommended for pre-k and kindergarten divisions, but mandatory for first through eighth graders. Metal cleats are NOT allowed to be worn by the children.

4. Earrings: all studs must be covered or taped on both the front and back of the stud. No hoops of any kind are allowed due to safety issues

5. Glasses: all glasses must be worn with an athletic strap that will keep the glasses from falling to the ground and being broken.

6. No baseball hats, necklaces, rings or bracelets are to be worn due to safety issues.

7. Every player should bring a filled water bottle for hydration purposes.

8. Every player should bring their own soccer ball. Size 3: Pre-K to 2nd grade. Size 4: 3rd grade to 4th grade. Size 5 for 5th to 8th grades.


We care about every child’s safety and thank you for your understanding and cooperation!